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Third edition of James Naughton's textbook of Czech for beginners. This is the standard textbook used for the Czech (with Slovak) degree at Oxford and will be of value throughout the course.


This is a significantly revised and updated version of the second edition (1999).

The list below is intended for recording any misprints worth publicising. The third edition has been typeset again, with a fresh layout, various additions and changes, and a few more illustrations. The recordings are also new. The step-by-step presentation of linguistic features closely matches the account given in the author's concise reference volume Czech: An Essential Grammar (2005).

(Text below last edited by JDN, 13 November 2010.)



p. 54, line 15:

for "peknou" read pěknou

p. 116, line 32:

for "misty" read místy


Audio files for this book are available from the Routledge website.

review by Neil Bermel of the older 2nd edition of Colloquial Czech is available.