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The second edition of Dr Naughton's step-by-step approach to written and spoken Slovak. This textbook is used particularly during the final year of Czech (with Slovak) at Oxford.


This is a significantly revised and updated version of the first edition (1997).

The list below is intended for recording any misprints worth publicising. The second edition has a new layout, various additions and changes, and some added illustrations. The recordings of the slightly revised dialogues and accompanying exercises are also new.

(Text below last edited JDN, 30 August 2012.)



p. 5, line 5 from bottom:

for "Slovenska republika" read Slovenská republika

p. 275, please note two typos in the table of adjectives:

(a) instead of (gen. sg. fem.) "tej pekne (cudzej) ženy" read tej peknej (cudzej) ženy

(b) instead of (ins. sg. masc./neut.) "tým peknom (cudzím) chlapom/stolom" read tým pekným (cudzím) chlapom/stolom