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A reissue of James Naughton's translation of Bohumil Hrabal's classic novel Postřižiny. In a quiet town where not much happens, Maryška, the brewer's flamboyant wife, stands out. 


Maryška would stand out anywhere: she cuts her skirt short so that she can ride her bicycle, her golden hair flying out behind her. She butchers pigs. She drinks and eats with relish. And when the garrulous raconteur Uncle Pepin comes to visit the locals are scandalized even further, in Bohumil Hrabal's affecting, exuberant portrayal of a small central European community between the wars.

The book is an evocation of Bohumil Hrabal's  childhood memories from the provincial town of Nymburk, dominated by the local brewery. The main characters, Uncle Pepin and Maryška, are based on Hrabal's real family members: Maryška on his mother and Uncle Pepin on his real uncle, who came to stay two weeks in the town but remained for forty years.