Diderot and Rousseau: Networks of Enlightenment

Author: Marian Hobson
Editor: Kate Tunstall Caroline Warman
Translator: Kate Tunstall Caroline Warman

Marian Hobson’s work has made a seminal contribution to our understanding of the European Enlightenment, and of Diderot and Rousseau in particular. Hobson’s distinctive approach is to take a given text or ‘problématique’ and position it within its intellectual, historical and polemical context. From close analysis of the underlying conceptual structures of literary texts, she offers a unique insight into the vibrant networks of people and ideas at work throughout Europe, and across disciplinary boundaries. This book presents her most important articles in a single volume, translated into English for the first time, making the detail of these debates accessible to everyone. It appeared in Chinese translation in 2015.

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