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Karen Leeder, Figuring Lateness in Modern German Culture; Anne Fuchs, Defending Lateness: Deliberations on Acceleration, Attention, and Lateness, 1900-2000; Peter Thompson, Ernst Bloch, Ungleichzeitigkeit, and the Philosophy of Being and Time; Joy H. Calico, Old-Age Style: The Case of Arnold Schoenberg (1874 -1951); George Kouvaros, As If It Were for the Last Time: Wim Wenders?"Film and Photography; Stuart Taberner, Aging, Late Style, and Untimeliness in Recent Literary Fiction by Martin Walser; Simon Ward, Encountering Lateness in Postunification Berlin; Kirstin Gwyer, Beyond Lateness? ??Postmemory? and the Late(st) German-Language Family Novel


doi: 10.1215/0094033X-2889224