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The first part of this volume, "La Francophonie ou l'eloge de la diversite", is devoted to "Francophone cinema, between Bollywood and Hollywood". What in particular does Francophone cinema have to offer compared with American or Indian cinema? What more does Francophone cinema have to offer? What genres does it prefer? For what audience? The second part deals with the promotion of diversity in Francophone countries, taking into consideration the cultural aspects of Francophonie in the 21st century, the linguistic description of systems in contact, tracing the historical stages which have led to the creation of this locus of cultural diversity, and focusing finally on university cooperation and Franco-British scientific research. This book brings together contributions by outstanding authors who gathered in Oxford in October 2010 at the Maison francaise, including: Gudrun Ledegen: Sociolinguist, lecturer in linguistics at the University of La Reunion. She specialises in contact between French and Creole in La Reunion. Louis-Jean Calvet: Professor of the University of Provence. In collaboration with the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, he works on language policy, particularly the struggle to maintain linguistic diversity. Bernard Cerquiglini: Rector of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie. An eminent linguist and specialist on the French language, Cerquiglini is known as the "Professor" from TV5 Monde's "Merci Professeur!". Philippe Lane is the Cultural Attache at the French Embassy in London. The discussion is complemented by contributions by Karine Chevalier, Amelie Hien and Alou Keita, Gaelle Planchenault, Maryse Bray and Helene Gill, Alena Podhorna-Policka and Anne-Caroline Fievet.