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The Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages welcomes applications for German at all levels.

Candidates taking an A Level in German or an equivalent qualification may apply for German on its own (German ‘sole’), German with another language at beginner or advanced level, or German with a ‘joint school’ subject (e.g. English, History). They will sit the German test.

Candidates not taking an A Level in German or an equivalent qualification may apply for German together with another language they are proposing to study on the basis of a completed A Level, or for German in combination with Philosophy, History, English, Linguistics or Classics as a ‘joint school’ degree. All such candidates should apply via the Beginners’ German route, and they will sit the Language Aptitude Test, which forms part of the Modern Languages Aptitude Tests (MLAT),

Assessment at interview will be sensitive to different levels of proficiency. During the course, Oxford’s tutorial system and small-group language teaching will enable students at all levels to receive the appropriate tuition for their needs, which will build on the knowledge they have already acquired.

Students taking Beginners’ German will receive intensive language tuition during their first year and further targeted language support specific to their needs during their second year. From the start of their course they will have some teaching on narrative works together with the post A-level group, and they will be fully integrated from the start of the second year, with access to all the course options in linguistics, literature, film and culture. Students starting the course with intermediate competence in the German language may be integrated with the post A-level group more quickly depending on their level of proficiency.