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Translation, Spanish language, grammar, writing skills and oral skills.


Research interests are mainly in the areas of translation, Latin American literature and film, poetry, and language learning and teaching. Translator for the International Federation of Actors, other NGOs and several European Commission agencies in the cultural sector, with particular emphasis on the performing arts and intellectual property rights.

Recently collaborated with Ben Bollig on the translation of a selection of new British poetry Antropófagos en las islas. Currently translating into Spanish the graphic novel Red Rose by Kate Evans (Verso 2015), to be published in 2017.

Research assistant for the European Humanities Research Centre, responsible for the organisation of seminars, conferences and other interdisciplinary events.

Alejandra received the Award for Excellence from the Humanities Division, University of Oxford (2018).

Visiting Fellowship at Maynooth University, March, 2019 to run a workshop on Gender representation in Latin American film in collaboration with Dr. Mirna Vohnsen (March, 2019).

Recent Publications

'Joven Poesía Británica/Young British Poets'. Edición bilingüe. Traducción de Ben Bollig y Alejandra Crosta, Espacio Hudson, Argentina, August 2023. Espacio Hudson weblink 

'Feminismo y activismo en la traducción de la novela gráfica Red Rosa/ La Rosa Roja', Hispania, 106.2 (2023, forthcoming) 297-312 Article Weblink 

Translation, La Rosa Roja, biografía gráfica sobre Rosa Luxemburg by Kate Evans, eds. Josefina Luzuriaga Martínez and Alejandra Crosta, Ediciones IPS-CEIP, Argentina, April 2017. Review weblink 

Translation of the FIA Child Performer Toolkit, June 2016 Article weblink

Interview with Ilan Pappé, May 2016 Article weblink

Antropófagos en las islas: Novísimos poetas de Gran Bretaña, edited and translated with Ben Bollig, Espacio Hudson, Argentina, April 2016

Translation of the Online Interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool for the Live Performance sector, January 2016 Site weblink

Translation of The Live Performance Sector from a Global Perspective: A Status Report, June 2015 Article weblink

Translation of the FIA Guide to the WIPO Beijing Treaty on Audiovisual Performances, September 2014 Article weblink

Translation of article by Esther Leslie, Walter Benjamin, vida y arte, December 2013 Article weblink

Interview with Terry Eagleton, October 2013 Article weblink

Interview with Raúl Godoy for the book Live Working or Die Fighting by Paul Mason, Vintage Books, 2007.