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Dr Alice Roullière is an early career research and teaching fellow (Supernumerary Teaching Fellow) at St John's College. She teaches early modern French literature from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century (Paper X and VII) and first-year literature papers. 

Her research focuses on sixteenth-century French and Neo-Latin poetry (Pierre de Ronsard, Joachim Du Bellay, Geoffroy Tory) with a special interest in epic, national identity, religious conflicts and representations of death.

Her PhD dissertation on Ronsard and epic ghosts was completed at the University of Cambridge, Trinity Hall. She is a normalienne from the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and an ‘Agrégée de Lettres Classiques’. Her new research project focuses on the notion of imagined colonialism in relation to Peru in French early modern literature. She teaches Racine commentary lectures for the faculty.

Her college profile page is available here: