Anna Wilmore

Anna Wilmore MA MSt (Oxon.)


I recently submitted my DPhil thesis, which is a comparative project exploring late medieval poetry composed about the Virgin Mary in poetic competitions in towns and cities. I am interested in the way these lyrics reflect the urban spaces in which they were written, and the interplay between the ludic and devotional elements of their performance context. 

I am currently Stipendiary Lecturer in German at Somerville College, where I teach translation for all year groups and the Prelims literature course as well as acting as Organising and Personal Tutor. 

I enjoy doing outreach work and have offered several taster sessions for St Anne’s for students interested in languages and medieval studies.

My research is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and the Willetts Scholarship at St Anne’s.



Translation from and into German for Prelims and FHS (Hilary and Trinity 2023)

German Prelims Paper III & IV (Hilary and Trinity 2023)

German FHS Paper IX — medieval set texts (Hilary and Trinity 2023)

German FHS Paper VI — medieval period paper (Hilary and Trinity 2023)

Introduction to Medieval Studies German Prelims Paper XII (Hilary 2019&22)

German Grammar Refresher (Hilary 2022)


Medieval French lyric in translation — tutorials on troubadour, trouvère and late lyric for students from the English Faculty (Hilary 2023)

French Paper IX — medieval set texts (Michaelmas 2022)

Late Lyric for French FHS Paper VI (2021-3)

Unseen Translation French FHS Paper IIa (Trinity 2019)

Chastelaine de Vergy French Prelims Paper IV (Trinity 2019 & 22)




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