Carole J A Bourne-Taylor


Fellow in French at Brasenose College



Carole Bourne-Taylor’s interests include comparative literature (French and English, Literature and Music); contemporary French poetry & poetics; and critical theory (phenomenology, Barthes).

She is currently writing a book on the writer and drama critic Charles Langbridge Morgan

Teaching: XIXth-XXIth C. French Literature; prose & grammar


Phenomenology, Modernism and Beyond, edited with Ariane Mildenberg, preface by Kevin Hart (Oxford, Peter Lang, forthcoming)

‘The French Reception of Woolf: An Etat Présent of Etudes Woolfiennes’, in: British Academy Project on The Reception of Virginia Woolf in Europe, ed. Mary Ann Caws and Nicola Luckhurst (London, Continuum, 2002)

L’Univers imaginaire de Virginia Woolf, preface by Jean Guiguet, postface by Gilbert Durand (Paris, Editions du Temps, 2001)

Numerous articles/chapters on various Anglo-Saxon and French writers.

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