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Associate Professor of French, Organising Tutor & Fellow at Brasenose College

Senior Research Fellow (2024), Maison de la Création et de l'Innovation (MaCI), Université Grenoble-Alpes (UGA). International Excellence in the Humanities Fellowship Program, funded by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France 2030. Project on Emmanuel Merle's ecopoethics.


Carole Bourne-Taylor's interests include comparative studies (French and English, Literature and Music); French poetry & poethics; phenomenology; life writing; performance studies etc.



XIXth-XXIst C. French and Francophone Literature; Prose & Grammar

Prelims Papers I-III-IV



D. Phil.: modern literature (French & English); modern and contemporary French poetry; literature and music; literature and ethics; comparative literature (particularly with respect to the work of Virginia Woolf); phenomenology; Roland Barthes.

Co-convenor of the Oxford MSt. Paper, ‘Poetry & Ethics’.


Variations on The Ethics of Mourning in Modern Literature in French, edited with Sara-Louise Cooper, preface by Dominique Rabaté (Bern, Peter Lang, 2021). My own contribution includes the critical introduction and a chapter on the poets Emmanuel Merle and Yves Bonnefoy.

Phenomenology, Modernism and Beyond, edited with Ariane Mildenberg, preface by Kevin Hart (Bern, Peter Lang, 2010). It includes my chapter, ‘Figures of Immanence/Imminence: "Enigma Variations" in Michel Deguy's works'.

L'Univers imaginaire de Virginia Woolf, preface by Jean Guiguet, postface by Gilbert Durand (Paris, Editions du Temps, 2001). Othjer publications on Virginia Woolf include:

- ‘The French Reception of Woolf: An État Présent of Etudes Woolfiennes’, in M-A. Caws & Nicola Luckhurst (eds.), The Reception of Virginia Woolf in Europe, London, Continuum, 2002.
- ‘The Ekstasis of Influence: Virginia Woolf’s Mediterranean Experience’, in Bryony Randall & J. Goldman (eds), Virginia Woolf in Context, CUP, 2013.
- ‘“The Journey is everything’: Virginia Woolf’s Continental Adventure”, in Ariane Mildenberg & Patricia Novillo-Corvalan (eds), Virginia Woolf, Europe and Peace, Clemson University Press [28th Annual International Conference, Kent University, June 2018]. 2020.

I have also written both introductions to Charles Morgan's Three Plays and Dramatic Critic. Selected Reviews 1922-39, (London, Oberon, 2013).

Numerous articles, chapters, reviews on various authors and topics: Shakespeare, Walter Scott, Katherine Mansfield, Arthur Miller, Paul Auster, Lady Anne Blunt, Paul Valéry, Michel Deguy, Yves Bonnefoy, Emmanuel Merle, Michel Houellebecq, Sarah Bernhardt, Kamel Daoud, Annie Ernaux, and…Nation Branding (Cool Britannia)..

Another interest of mine is the performing arts (drama and music and their phenomenological unfurling of the written text). In this vein, I have published an article on the Cambridge composer Jeremy Thurlow’s adaptations of Yves Bonnefoy’s poetry to music and I am currently writing a biography of Alice Sapritch (to be published by Éditions Garnier, Paris).