Dr Elsa Baroghel

Elsa Baroghel, B.A., M.A. (Paris IV), D.Phil (Oxford)
Stipendiary Lecturer in French, St Hilda's College
Teaching Fellow, Sub-Faculty of French

Email: elsa.baroghel@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk


Samuel Beckett and the Marquis de Sade; 20th century British & French literature; the avant-garde; institutionalised madness and alienation in modern literature; modern intellectual legacies of the Enlightenment.


French language

20th century French literature

20th century British literature

Literary theory (various)


‘my God to have to murmur that’: How It Is and the Issue of Performance,’ in Samuel Beckett and BBC Radio: a Reassessment, Matthew Feldman, Erik Tonning and David Addyman (eds.), ‘New Interpretations of Samuel Beckett in the Twenty-First Century,’ London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, 185-209.

‘Samuel Beckett, lecteur de Sade: Comment c’est et Les 120 Journées de Sodome,’ in La violence dans l’œuvre de Samuel Beckett: entre langage et corps, ‘Samuel Beckett’ vol. 4, Llewellyn Brown (ed.), Lettres Modernes Minard/Classiques Garnier, 2017, 227-259.

‘From Narcissistic Isolation to Sadistic Pseudocouples: Tracing the Genesis of Endgame,’ in Samuel Beckett: Debts and Legacies, ‘Samuel Beckett Today/Aujourd’hui’ vol. 22, Erik Tonning, Matthew Feldman, Matthijs Engelberts et al. (eds.), Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2010, 123-133.

Recent Conference Papers

June 2017: ‘Revisiting Mind-Body Dualism in Samuel Beckett’s Works,’ ‘Beckett and Bondage’ panel (co-organiser) at the ‘Modernist Life’ BAMS international conference, University of Birmingham, UK.

November 2016: ”indoor bowers of bliss’: Mental asylums in Samuel Beckett’s Works,’ at the ‘Beckett and Politics’ international conference, University of Reading, UK.

February 2016: ‘Beckett, with Sade: the Vicious Imagination in Samuel Beckett’s Works,’ at the ‘Beckett and Vice’ international conference, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, San Diego County.

October 2015: ‘Beckett, with Sade: Violence and Intertext in the Prose and Drama,’ at the ‘Beckett and Europe’ international conference, University of Reading, UK.

October 2014: ‘Samuel Beckett, lecteur de Sade,’ at the ‘Sade dans tous ses états: 200 ans de controverses’ international conference, Universities of Winnipeg and Saint-Boniface, Manitoba, Canada.

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