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I am currently working with contemporary Chilean fiction cinema. My DPhil research questions the different aspects of realism in this national production over the last 10 years. With a specific preoccupation with the depiction of marginalized communities and spaces, my research aims to contribute to a better understanding of how reality is being portrayed by fiction films today. 

Before my doctoral education, I completed an MA in Film Studies in the Universidad Católica de Chile and I have Bachelors degrees in Theory and History of Art and Filmmaking, both in Universidad de Chile. My master's thesis, centered on the role of film criticism in the inscription and legitimation of the two most renowned Chilean film movements -the New Chilean Cinema (1960's and 70's) and the Newest Chilean Cinema (2000's)- is about to be published as a book in Chile during the summer of 2023.

I have conducted courses and workshops about film criticism, Chilean cinema and Film aesthetic.  My main areas of interest are film realism, the politics of representation and the depiction of space and bodies in digital cinema.