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Katerina graduated with her B.A. from Baylor University in 2017, where she studied Great Texts and Spanish. Following graduation, she was awarded a Fulbright fellowship to work as an English teaching assistant in Asturias, Spain. She completed her MSt in Medieval and Modern Languages (Spanish and English) at the Queen’s College in 2021. Currently, she is reading for the DPhil in MML (Spanish) at Wolfson College. Her primary research interests lie in religious themes (especially Mariology); conceptions of mind and body in early modern literature; women and gender representations in early modern literature; early modern sensory perception; the intersection of visual art and music, especially in Baroque theatre.

Katerina is involved with “Diversifying the Classics” and the podcast “Radio Comedia” at UCLA. She is on the editorial board for the peer-reviewed journal IDS. Revista de Jóvenes Humanistas (Universidad de Navarra). She is also involved in modern languages outreach at Oxford as a Graduate Ambassador for the MML Faculty, a volunteer for the Queen’s College Translation Exchange, and a tutor at OxNet and UNIQ summer schools.

Among her achievements, she is winner of the John and Daria Barry Scholarship to fund her DPhil at Oxford. She has been awarded the Hesse Award for “Best Graduate Presentation” from the Association of Hispanic Classical Theater along with several grants to present at conferences such as the CSA, RSA, MLA, and Congreso international de teatro de Almagro. She has presented her research at the Oxford MML Spanish Research Seminar; been a respondent for a talk at the Canterbury Institute; discussed Don Quijote’s relevance to epistemic uncertainty on the panel, “The Uncertainty of Knowledge” at the Queen’s College. She has also co-organised the Oxford Golden Age Spanish Symposium in 2023 and 2024.


  • Early Modern Spanish to English Translation for Oxford MML Faculty
  • Spanish Golden Age tutorials (Trinity, Merton Colleges, OxNet Summer School at Pembroke)
  • Medieval Spanish lyric (Paper III) in translation for Oxford English Faculty
  • Spanish Graduate Teaching Assistant, Lincoln College
  • Latin American film (UNIQ Summer School - MML Faculty)