Khalid Lyamlahy

DPhil, 3rd year (Sub-faculty of French, St Anne's College)


My research looks at the works of three contemporary Moroccan Francophone writers : Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine (1941-1995), Abdelkebir Khatibi (1938-2009) and Abdellatif Laâbi (born 1942). I focus on the concepts of nostalgia and revolt in a large corpus of works that includes poetry, novels, narratives and essays. I explore the way in which the literary production by the three writers provides an original insight into Moroccan identity and helps to grasp the complexity of various challenges facing writers and intellectuals in postcolonial Morocco. Before joining Oxford, I studied French and Comparative Literature at Université Paris 3 — Sorbonne Nouvelle and worked as an engineer and project manager in both Paris and London. Beyond the scope of the thesis, my other research interests include contemporary Francophone literature (especially in the Maghreb), modern French fiction (especially The Nouveau Roman), autobiographical writing, and literary theory.


  • 2017-2018: Teaching Paper I Translation and Papers VIII French & Paper XII Francophone Literatures
  • 2016-2017: Co-teaching Paper VIII French & Paper XII Francophone Literatures
  • 2015-2016: Language helper for the Oxford University Programme in Languages (OPAL) in French
  • 2013-2014: Individual tutorials in French Literature for undergraduate students at the University of Paris 3 — Sorbonne Nouvelle
  • 2007-2008: Private tutoring in French and Arabic for students at the University of Southampton  
  • 2004-2007: Private tutoring in French and Arabic for high school students in Alès (France)

Book chapters


  • “Esthétique de la biographie (dé)mystificatrice. Lecture d’Évocation de Matthias Stimmberg d’Alain-Paul Mallard”, in Itinéraires, 2017-1 | 2018 [Online]. URL :

  • “Le premier Barthes en revue : sur les traces des années Existences”, in Jacqueline Guittard & Magali Nachtergael (dir.), Revue Roland Barthes, nº 3, mars 2017 [Online]. URL:

  • “Moving beyond mobility: the aesthestics of exile and becoming in Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine’s Légende et vie d’Agoun’chich”, in The Journal of North African Studies, Volume 22, Issue 2, 2017, pp.259-282. URL:

  • “Prefiguring the Moroccan Spring: the dynamics of subversion and renewal in Abdellatif Laâbi’s Le Spleen de Casablanca”, in Expressions maghrébines, Vol. 15, num. 2, Hiver 2016, pp.59-84. URL:

  • “Une mélancolie marocaine. Portrait de l’intellectuel et pouvoir de l’écriture dans Lettres à un jeune marocain” in @nalyses. Revue de critique et de théorie littéraire, Vol. 11, n°3, Automne 2016, pp.80-104 ; [Online]. URL:…

  • “Roland Barthes, du haïku au roman. Lecture de La Préparation du Roman, in Claude Coste & Mathieu Messager (dir.), Revue Roland Barthes, nº 2, octobre 2015, “Barthes à l’étranger”; [Online]URL:

  • “Poétique de l’espace littéraire chez Maurice Blanchot: stratégies de construction et de déconstruction spatiale dans Thomas l’Obscur”, Word and Text. A Journal of Literary Studies and Linguistics, Vol. V, Issues 1-2, December 2015. URL:

  • “Fragments d’un discours iconographique: poétique de l’image dans L’Empire des signes de Roland Barthes”, in E. KociubiÅska, J. Niedokos (ed.), Quêtes littéraires, n°5, « De l’image à l’imaginaire », Lublin, 2015, pp.149-160

Book reviews

  • Zakaria Fatih, Le Maghreb à la croisée des chemins: l’enjeu de la tradition et le défi de la modernité, Paris : L’Harmattan, 2016, in Irish Journal of French Studies, Volume 17, 2017, pp. 191-193(3)

  • An Yountae, The Decolonial Abyss: Mysticism and Cosmopolitics from the Ruins, New York: Fordham University Press, 2017, in The Cambridge Journal of Postcolonial Literary Inquiry, 4(3), pp.461-465 September 2017

  • Revue Apulée, n°1, « Galaxies identitaires », Paris, Editions Zulma, 2016, in Francosphères, Volume 5, Issue 1, Liverpool University Press, Summer 2016, pp.130-133

  • Stéphane Lambert, Avant Godot, in Irish Journal of French Studies, Volume 16, 2015, pp. 233-235

  • Olivia C. Harrison & Teresa Villa-Ignacio (ed.), Souffles-Anfas: A Critical Anthology from the Moroccan Journal of Culture and Politics, Stanford University Press, 2015, in Bulletin of Francophone Postcolonial Studies, No. 7.1, Spring 2016, pp.18-19

Other publications

Creative writing

Conference papers

  • 17-18 November 2017: The Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies (SFPS) Annual Conference on “Regional, National, and Global identities in the Francophone World” (Senate House, London) with a paper on “The Goncourt Prize & the Invisible: Figures of the stranger in Leïla Slimani’s Chanson douce

  • 11-13 April 2017: Colloque international Driss Chraïbi. Lectures et relectures (University Hassan II, Casablanca) with a paper on “Driss Chraïbi, l’écrivain qui vient du futur : littérature universelle et variations transculturelles dans De tous les horizons

  • 14 & 15 March 2016: Journées d’études: D’Orient et d’occident, les intellectuel-le-s arabofrancophones (Université Lyon 2, Lyon) with a paper on: “La revue Souffles en 2016 : lectures et perspectives anglophones”

  • 13 & 14 November 2015: The Society for Francophone Postcolonial Studies (SFPS) Annual Conference on “Postcolonial Mobilities in the Francophone World” (Senate House, London) with a paper on: “Poetics of Mobility in Mohamed Khaïr-Eddine’s Légende et vie d’Agoun’chich

  • 5 June 2015: The Maghreb Academic Network Postgraduate Conference on “The Arab Spring and Contemporary Cultural Production from the Maghreb” (St. Antony’s College, Oxford) with a paper on: “Prefiguring the Moroccan Spring: aspiration and subversion in Abdellatif Laâbi’s Le Spleen de Casablanca

  • 21 March 2015: Society of French Studies Postgraduate Conference on “Orientation(s)” (Senate House, London) with a paper on: “Orientations spatiales & Espaces d’orientation identitaire dans Rue des Boutiques Obscures de Patrick Modiano”

Roles & Other Activities


  • Ertegun Graduate Scholarship Programme in the Humanities, University of Oxford (2015-2018)
  • Prix National de l’Ethique Professionnelle — First Prize at the Literary Contest for the “Promotion of Professional Ethics” (UNESCO, 2008)
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