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Dr Marina Perkins is an early career research and teaching fellow (Career Development Fellow) at The Queen's College. She teaches early modern French literature, with a focus on the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, across the first year course and FHS (Papers III, IV, VII, and X). She also teaches translation into English.

Marina's research focuses on communication and power in early modern French literature, drawing on pragmatic language philosophy. Her doctoral thesis, completed at The University of Cambridge, Jesus College, considered Michel de Montaigne's portrayal in his Essais of communication in the contexts of conversation and civility, diplomacy, jurisprudence, and exegesis and prayer. Her new research project explores the instrumentality of authoritative speech in seventeenth-century tragedy. 


'"Il guigne seulement du doigt par où nous irons": Underspecification in Montaigne's Essais', Forthcoming in Modern Language Review 118.3 (2023). 


‘A Message from the Margins: The Role of the Infante in Corneille’s Le Cid’, French Studies, 74.4 (2020), 519-535.

 ‘Words, Meaning and Force: The Placebo Effect in Montaigne’s Essais and Vair’s Des Charmes’, Montaigne Studies 29 (2017), 213-224.

 ‘“Le plus fructueux et naturel exercise de nostre esprit”: Conversation et domaine public dans les œuvres de Montaigne, Guazzo, et Castiglione’, Bulletin de la Societé internationale des amis de Montaigne, 73 (2021), 199-212.