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MA in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (Universidad de Oviedo, Spain); MA in Education in Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching; BA in English Language and Literature (Universidad de León, Spain).



Her main research interests are in the area of language learning and teaching, more specifically the importance of affect, language acquisition, and translation.



She is currently teaching First Year Oral, First Year Grammar and Prose, Second Year Prose, Second Year Developing Language Skills, and Final Year Writing Skills at the Sub-faculty of Spanish.

She has previously taught Spanish at the University of Kent and Florida International University in Miami. She has also worked as a Postgraduate Academic A-Levels Mentor in a number of schools in Kent.



Falagan Carbajo, Patricia (2016). La ansiedad como factor decisivo en el aprendizaje de una segunda lengua. Master dissertation, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, 124 p.