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Patrick McGuinness’s main research interests include 19th and 20th century French literature, especially Poetry and Theatre; French and Belgian Symbolism; Belgian Literature in French and Comparative Literature; Anglo-American Modernism and modern poetry in English. He is working on a study of literature and noticing. A Legenda Selected Essays is in preparation.


French language and modern literature; comparative literature; modern theatre; modern British and American poetry.



Academic Books

Modernism Between Traditions (Liverpool University Press, 2023)

Poetry and Radical Politics in fin de siècle France (Oxford University Press 2015; pb 2018)

Maurice Maeterlinck and the Making of Modern Theatre (Oxford University Press, 2000; 2004)


Edited Academic Books

Editor, with Charlie Louth, Gravity and Grace: Essays for Roger Pearson, Legenda 2019 

Editor, with Emily McLaughlin, The Made and the Found: Poetry and Prose for Michael Sheringham, Legenda, 2017

Editor, with Nathalie Aubert, Pierre-Philippe Fraiture, From Art Nouveau to Surrealism: Belgian Modernity in the Making (Legenda, 2007)

Editor, with Nathalie Aubert and Pierrre-Philippe Fraiture, La Belgique entre deux siècles: Laboratoire de la modernité, 1880-1914, Le Romantisme et après en France (Peter Lang, 2007)

Editor, Symbolism, Decadence and the fin de siècle: French and European Perspectives (University of Exeter Press, 2000)



Ghost Stations: Essays and Branchlines (CB editions) 2022


Fiction and other prose

Real Oxford (Seren), 2021 (topography/history)

Throw me to the Wolves (Jonathan Cape, Bloomsbury US), 2019 (fiction)

Other People’s Countries (Jonathan Cape), 2014 (memoir)

The Last Hundred Days, (Seren/Bloomsbury US), 2011 (fiction)



Blood Feather, Jonathan Cape, 2023

Il rumore che fanno le cose quando partono/The Noises Things Make When They Leave, trans. Giorgia Sensi, Sinopia, Venice, 2022

Déjà-vu: Poesie schelte vecchie et nuove, trans. Giorgia Sensi, Latiano, Interno Poesia, 2019

Five Poems, Clutag Press, 2016

Guide bleu, trans. Gilles Ortlieb, éditions Fario, 2015

Jilted City, Carcanet, 2010

19th Century Blues, The Poetry Business, 2006

The Canals of Mars, Carcanet, 2004




Gilles Ortlieb: Selected Poems, translated with Stephen Romer, Introduction by Sean O’Brien, Arc Publications, 2023

Jorge Manrique, Stanzas for the Death of his Father, Shearsman Classics, 2021. Introduction by Geraldine Hazbun

Hélène Dorion, Ravir. Les Lieux, Arc 2011

Mallarmé, For Anatole’s Tomb, Carcanet 2004


Selected editions

The Penguin Book of French Short Stories. 2 Volumes. Penguin, 2022 (editor)

Zola, The Conquest of Plassans, trans. Helen Constantine, OUP World’s Classics, 2014.

Lynette Roberts, Collected Poems (Carcanet, 2004)

J-K Huysmans, Against Nature/A Rebours, Penguin Classics (Penguin Books, 2003)

T.E.Hulme: Selected Writings, Carcanet Press, 1998 (New Edition/American edition, Routledge USA, 2003)

Editor, with Pierre Jourde, Alexandre Gefen, Marcel Schwob, Oeuvres (Les Belles Lettres, 2002)


Recent(ish) chapters, articles, reviews etc.

‘Language, Poetry and Rhetoric’, A Cultural History of Ideas in the Age of Empire, eds Johnson and Rosenfeld, Bloomsbury, 2022, pp. 135-162

‘Plastic Bertrand: Ca plane pour moi’, One-Hit Wonders: An Oblique History of Popular Music, ed Sarah Hill, Bloomsbury, 2022

‘Gilles Ortlieb, Etc’, Europe, n. 115, 2022

‘Valloton and fin-de-siècle France, Félix Vallotton: Painter of Disquiet, Royal Academy of Arts, 2019

Gilles Ortlieb: L’Oetranger’, Revues de Belles Lettres, 2018

‘Joan Murray’, London Review of Books, 20 December 2018

‘Their Mad Gallopade: Nancy Cunard’, London Review of Books, 25 January, 2018

‘Diary: Railway Poetry’, London Review of Books, 2 November 2017

‘Orhan Pamuk et le musée imaginaire’, Cahiers de l’Herne, ed. Sophie Basch, 2017

‘Bruxelles: essai sur la mélancolie’, Théodore Balmoral, Autumn 2016

‘Politique du symbolisme’, Communications 99, Démocratie et littérature. Seuil, 2016

‘On the Double’, Poetry Ireland Review, no. 116, September 2015, W.B. Yeats    Special Issue 

‘Meat and Mattresses: Rosemary Tonks’, London Review of Books, 1 July 2015

‘T.E. Hulme’s Ways of Seeing’, Times Literary Supplement, November 2014

‘Mallarmé and the Poetics of Explosion’, MLN, 2009


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