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Emeritus Professor of Italian
University Lecturer in Italian and Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall


Peter Hainsworth's main research interests are in 13th- and 14th-century poetry and in 20th-century poetry and prose, particularly in the relationship between literature and Fascism.


Italian language and literature, especially 13th- and 14th-century literature and literature since unification (1860).


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Editor, with David Robey, Oxford Companion to Italian Literature (OUP) (OUP, 2002)

'Florentine Cultural Journalism under Fascism: Il Bargello', Modern Language Review, 95 (2000), 696-711

'Fascism in Fiction: Pratolini reconsidered', Italian Studies, 55 (2000), 121-137

'Literature and Society in Italy', in: Italy: Fiction, Theater, Poetry, Film since 1950 (Robert Dombroski, ed.) (Griffon House, 2000), 29-52