Prof R J Parish

Emeritus Professor of French

Richard J. Parish, M.A., D.Phil. (B.A. Newc.), Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
Professor of French, Fellow of St Catherine’s College


Richard Parish has worked on French seventeenth-century theatre (Racine: the limits of tragedy, 1993; editions of Bérénice, Phèdre, Le Tartuffe), comic fiction, and in particular on the writing of, or associated with, the Catholic Counter-Reformation. In addition to a book on the Lettres Provinciales (Pascal’s Lettres Provinciales: a study in polemic, 1989) and editions of La Bruyère (Dialogues sur le Quiétisme) and Voltaire / Condorcet (Eloge et Pensées de Pascal), he has recently published in book form the Bampton lectures which he delivered in 2009 (Catholic particularity in seventeenth-century France: Christianity is strange, 2011). He is currently working on the Mémoires of Saint-Simon.


Descartes (French sole); 16th-, 17th- and 18th-century periods plus all prescribed authors therein except Diderot; Gide (Paper XI) and middle-period options.


‘Pascal’s Lettres provinciales: from flippancy to fundamentals’, Cambridge Companion to Pascal, ed. Nicholas Hammond (2003), 182-200

‘Métamorphoses de Racine: la Phaedra de Benjamin Britten’, Jean Racine 1699-1999, ed. Gilles Declercq and Michèle Rosellini (2003), 685-695

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Scarron: Le Roman comique, Critical Guides to French Texts (London, Grant & Cutler, 1999)

‘L’hapax legomenon dans le théâtre tragique de Racine’, in: Bénédicte Louvat and Dominique Moncond’huy, Racine poète (Poitiers, La Licorne, 1999), 343-53

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