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Rosalind A. M. Temple, MA, MPhil (PhD, Wales)
University Lecturer in French Linguistics and Fellow of New College


Ros Temple's research interests lie in the areas of phonetics/phonology and variationist linguistics and the interface between the two, particularly the implications of variability in fine phonetic detail for both phonetic/phonological and variationist theory. She has worked on these topics with reference particularly to French, English and Welsh.


Historical and modern French linguistics (Papers IV and V); sociolinguistics (Paper XII); general linguistics (Paper XIII). Happy to supervise Linguistics Projects (Paper XII) and extended essays (Paper XIV) in all these areas, particularly with relation to Welsh, French and English, but also focussing on other languages.

Graduate Teaching

Ros has supervised postgraduate work in both French and general linguistics, in the areas of phonetics/phonology and variationist sociolinguistics. She would particularly welcome expressions of interest in pursuing topics exploring the interaction between the two general areas, especially with reference to French or Welsh. However, she is also open to proposals falling more broadly within her fields of interest. She has  supervised research, for example, on the phonetics of dialect and language contact in Gascony, on sociophonetics and identity in the Polish diaspora in England, on the use of Irish in Ulster, on phonological change in  Norwegian and on patterns of variation in the French subjunctive, and on language change in Hong Kong. She is currently co-supervising DPhil theses on variation and identity in Lithuanian in Vilnius and in Bermudian English, as well as on language contact in Brussels.


'Phonetic detail and the constructs of variationist phonology: a new "new look at -t,d deletion" ' (under review) 

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