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Simon Kemp, B.A., (M.Phil., Ph.D. Cambridge)

Associate Professor in French at Somerville College


My research interests are in the French novel in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I have published books on narrative form in the contemporary novel and on crime fiction pastiche in literary and experimental fiction. I am currently working on the second volume of an academic trilogy and theories of consciousness and their relevance to representations of the mind in literature and film.



French language and literature, particularly the post-1800 French novel. I convene the Paper XII special subject in  advanced translation. I hold a University Teaching Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching.


Graduate Teaching

I am currently supervising students at Masters and doctoral level working on twentieth- and twenty-first century French thought and literature, women's writing, and translation theory.


Outreach and Access

I am the Admissions Director for the Modern Languages Faculty and I coordinate the Opportunity Oxford bridging programme for students across the humanities. The modern languages outreach blog, Adventures on the Bookshelf, aimed at students and teachers in Years 11 to 13 and other prospective applicants, can be found here.





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