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Stephen Goddard
Lecturer in French at St Catherine's College


Stephen Goddard's main research interests are in the field of the 19th-century French novel, especially Flaubert's work. His doctoral thesis was on the influence of classical literature upon Flaubert, and he is working on adapting that thesis into various papers, articles and other publications. Dr Goddard also has an interest in, and has lectured on, the reception of classical tragedy in 20th-century French drama.


French language - prose and unseen translation, French grammar, French essays. French literature, especially in the modern period (approx 1800 onwards), but also covering all Oxford French prelims texts.

Selected publications / conference papers

1999: ‘Flaubert: the classical dimension’ in New approaches in Flaubert studies, Edwin Mellen Press

2004: Review of Mary Orr’s Madame Bovary – representations of the masculine in French Studies, Vol. 58, no.4

2005: ‘Flaubert, Apuleius and Ovid: the genesis of a recurring theme’; in Downing, Harkness, Stephen and Unwin, Birth and Death in Nineteenth-Century French Culture (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2007)

2006: 'Cygne et symboles: imperial themes in Baudelaire’s Tableaux parisiens' at University of Chester Baudelaire Symposium