Tess Eastgate

I have recently begun a DPhil in French at Oxford, having received my BA and MSt from Oxford in French and Spanish. As part of a Collaborative Doctoral Award undertaken with the generous support of the Arts and Humanities Research Council, I will produce a physical edition and a digital publication of Marie-Antoinette’s correspondence with the politician Antoine Barnave. My forthcoming thesis will explore a corpus including this correspondence, supported by the Clarendon Fund. I work in collaboration with the Centre de recherche du château de Versailles, under the supervision of Professor Catriona Seth FBA MAE.

Within the domain of French, I am particularly interested in early modern French women and how they exercised agentivité, as well as historical French linguistics and palaeography. During my Spanish studies, I have focused primarily on the reception of Classical Greek and Latin material in the Baroque, especially in the works of Luis de Góngora. I am interested in book history, and in the relationship between literature and the visual arts.

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