Using iCal feeds

About iCal feeds

An iCal feed is a file which contains event information for importing into Google, Microsoft Outlook or other third party calendars.

A subscription to an iCal feed means that event data in your calendar is kept up-to-date automatically whenever any data changes in the calendar you have subscribed to.

How to subscribe to the term calendar in Google Calendar

  • Open your Google calendar
  • In the left hand pane, click on the dropdown arrow beside ‘Other calendars’, and select the option ‘Add by URL’
  • Type or paste in the name of the link
    • Note: To copy the link so that you can paste it in, right click on the ‘Subscribe to term calendar’ link on the Lectures page, select ‘Copy Link Location’ (in Firefox) or ‘Copy Shortcut’ (in Internet Explorer)
  • Click on the ‘Add Calendar’ button


Note: Unfortunately the Faculty’s IT Support team do not have the resources to help individuals who have problems subscribing to the term calendar.

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