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Idiomatic expressions are the 'salt and pepper' of any language. They give Spanish its colour and imagery, its richness and variety.

From set phrases and idioms to metaphorical expressions and proverbs, these essential components allow users to add humour and spice to their language, vividly embodying Hispanic culture while naturalizing their communication style to more closely resemble that of native speakers.

Key features:

? Includes a selection of the most widely used idioms from Spain and Latin America;

? Idioms are classified into specific and easy-to-reference categories;

? Creative activities, exercises, mnemonic devices and learning strategies facilitate the acquisition and mastery of idiomatic language;

? Connections between the Spanish language and Hispanic culture are explained and illustrated;

? Reference tables at the end of each section highlight similarities between English and Spanish usage of idiomatic language;

? Original samples, as well as fragments from various Spanish-speaking countries and well-known literary works, are included to help expose students to the use of idioms in journalistic and literary writing.

Practical, informative and highly entertaining, this is the ideal text for all intermediate and advanced learners of Spanish.