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Speed Up Your Spanish is a unique and innovative resource that identifies and explains the common errors which cause confusion for students of Spanish. Suitable both for classroom use or self-study, Speed Up Your Spanish is the ideal resource for all intermediate learners of Spanish wishing to refine their language skills. From false friends to idiomatic expressions, each of the nine chapters focuses on a grammatical category where English speakers typically make mistakes. Full explanations are provided throughout with clear, comprehensive examples enabling students to learn from their mistakes and gain an in-depth understanding of Spanish grammar and usage.

Key features:

- carefully selected topics and examples based on the most common errors
- exercises throughout to reinforce learning
- shortcuts and mnemonic devices providing vital learning strategies
- topics covered are of immediate relevance to everyday usage
- an accompanying website providing supplementary exercises as well as audio files
- an answer key for both the book and the website exercises


"Excellent book. It finds good practical (and even fun) ways of addressing common problems and issues for the English learner, going beyond the reach of some more staid publications. The chapters on false friends, non-existent words and accentuation will all make the lives of my own undergraduates easier. I believe that students will learn a great deal from the book and have their confidence in using Spanish considerably boosted as a result." Jonathan Thacker, Merton College, University of Oxford, UK

"This work is likely to become a favorite of Spanish teachers who currently spend many hours correcting common and recurrent errors of gender, number, verbs, nouns, and adjectives. The authors of this book offer an invaluable, highly original and methodically sound approach to correcting and eliminating these common, yet difficult-to-eliminate errors." Manuel Delgado, Bucknell University, USA

"The authors have gathered the typical grammatical, lexical, and orthographic mistakes made by native English speakers and have offered clear and concise explanations for correcting and avoiding these common errors. The user-friendly format and page layout makes Speed Up Your Spanish a highly practical reference source for students and teachers." Mª Victoria García Serrano, University of Pennsylvania, USA