Modern German Studies Graduate Seminar

11 March 2021
Thursday 11 March 2021, 16:00-18:00

We welcome again all Graduate Students of German Studies to present their research, share their questions and exchange about our discipline and methods.

This year, we also want to engage the Graduate community of German Studies in a critical dialogue about the intersection of our ‘Disziplingeschichte’ and ‘Institutionengeschichte’ – so forms, conditions, ideals, practices of German Studies abroad and its specific history in Oxford. Part of that are different geoculturally and historically shaped imaginations of how German Studies are promoted (past and present ‘utopias’ as visions of the discipline) and the traces of these practices in institutional frames, journals, archives and educational networks (‘archives’ of a community of practice in German Studies). The German Graduate Seminar will therefore be divided into time for our Graduate Students to talk about their research and a discussion series with Senior members of the Faculty about German Studies in Oxford. For further inquiries, just contact us, Sophia Buck ( and Aoife Ní Chroidheáin (


EDUCATION: Critical Reforms

4-5pm: Prof Barry Murnane & Dr Veronika Schuchter – ‘Decolonial discourses and German Studies’

5-6pm: student presentation

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