German Studies in the UK: SOCIETIES and GENDER

20 May 2021
Thursday 20 May 2021, 17:00-18:30
Virtual conference


20 May, 5-6.30pm

Emily Spiers (Lancaster)

– Gender in German Studies in the UK: The Case Study of WiGS


What does it mean to teach and study German in the UK? What are the conditions of this work? Where do the basic assumptions about the subject come from? Which frameworks and infrastructures do we use every day and take for granted?

This lecture series aims to unpack these questions by addressing the interwoven histories of people, institutions, practices and concepts that continue to shape German Studies in the UK. Going beyond historiography, we hope that in revisiting the discipline’s past, the series will also provide new perspectives on contemporary issues.

The talks are scheduled for 5-6.30pm on Thursdays (UK Time).

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Sophia Buck (Oxford),

Aoife Ní Chroidheáin (Oxford),

Sarah Fengler (Oxford),

Lavinia Kamphausen (Oxford),

Andreas Schmid (Oxford),

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