Olga Grjasnowa to visit Oxford as part of DAAD writer in residence programme

The Sub-Faculty of German at the University of Oxford and German Studies at The University of Warwick are pleased to announce a series of events with the prominent German writer Olga Grjasnowa.

Ms Grjasnowa, who is the author of three highly acclaimed novels and one of the most important literary voices of her generation, will be at Oxford and Warwick in November within the framework of the DAAD Writer-in-Residence Programme. She will give a number of workshops for students at both institutions as well as two public readings from her latest novel Gott ist nicht schüchtern (2017), forthcoming in English translation under the title City of Jasmine in early 2019. Her award-winning debut novel Der Russe ist einer der Birken liebt from 2012 (All Russians Love Birch Trees, 2014) was translated into numerous languages and, like her equally successful second novel Die juristische Unschärfe einer Ehe (2014), has already been adapted for the stage.


The programme includes the following events:

At Warwick

21 November 2018, 3-5pm. Warwick University, Humanities Building H0.51
Public Reading of Gott ist nicht schüchtern.
Followed by Q&A with the author and launch of student-produced podcasts on the novel

23 November 2018, 11am-12pm. Warwick University, Humanities Building
Seminar with Olga Grjasnowa: Contemporary Literature in Germany
(The event will be live-streamed online – announcement to follow)

23 November 2018, 12-1.30pm. Warwick University, Humanities Building
Writing Workshop with Olga Grjasnowa


At Oxford

26 November 2018, 4.30-6.30pm. Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre, St Anne’s College, University of Oxford
Public Reading in German and English of Gott ist nicht schüchtern.
Followed by Q&A with the author, hosted by Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT)

27 November 2018, 2-3pm. Lincoln College, University of Oxford
Paper VIII Seminar on Contemporary Literature with Olga Grjasnowa

27 November 2018, 5-6.30pm. Queen’s College, University of Oxford
Translation Workshop with Olga Grjasnowa, hosted by The Queen’s College Translation Outreach Hub


The programme is generously sponsored by the following institutions and programmes: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); Goethe Institute London; Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Oxford; School of Modern Languages and Cultures, The University of Warwick; Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation (OCCT)/The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH); Lincoln College, University of Oxford.

For any questions, please contact Denise Henschel at Warwick or Dr Alexis Radisoglou at Lincoln College, Oxford

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