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Where do languages go from here?

Neil Kenny, Professor of French and Senior Research Fellow at All Souls, is Lead Fellow for Languages at the British Academy.

Professor Neil Kenny

Inaugural Lecture by Catriona Seth FBA

The eighth Marshal Foch Professor of French Literature, Catriona Seth FBA, gave her inaugural lecture 'Girls with Books. Reading, Contagion and Acquired Immunity in Eighteenth-Century Fiction'

“Half is true while the other make-believe”

Catherine Dove, an undergraduate at St Hilda’s spent her year abroad in Colombia and took the opportunity to interview Gabriel García Márquez’ sister Aida (the Spanish version of the text follows the English one)

A Year in Occitanie

Antoinette (Annie) Tuckwell, a final year undergraduate at Exeter College, recalls her year abroad as a librarian in Montpellier.

Welsh Connections

Gifted pupils from Wales came up to Oxford for a residential outreach programme.

Nicola Brown

On Toby Garfitt and Creole poetry

On the occasion of Professor Toby Garfitt’s retirement, Peter Stevenson, who read French and Spanish in the 1980s, has written in with recollections of his undergraduate years and reflections on how they shaped his life.

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