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I am a DPhil candidate researching the works of twentieth-century writers Salvadora Medina Onrubia from Argentina and Patrícia Galvão from Brazil. Both were novelists, poets, and journalists, whose writing influenced, and was heavily influenced by, their political involvement in the Anarchist and Communist movements of their respective countries. The comparative focus of this project will reveal the transnational nature of women’s involvement in left-wing political praxis during the twentieth century.

My research is generously funded by the AHRC Oxford-Open-Cambridge Doctoral Training Partnership, the Clarendon Fund, and the OOC AHRC DTP2 - Merton College Scholarship.

Prior to beginning my doctoral study, I completed a BA in Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese) (2017–2021) and an MPhil in Modern Languages (Spanish and Portuguese) (2021–2023), both at Oxford. My research interests include Latin American literature, women's writing, and life-writing.



‘The Function of Space in Patrícia Galvão’s Parque Industrial’, Portuguese Studies, 39 (2023), 176–191.