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Originally from Tokyo, Japan, I hold an MSt in English (650-1550) from Balliol College, University of Oxford and a Bachelor’s degree in English and American literature from Keio University in Japan, where I graduated as a valedictorian. My primary research interests are in the medieval reception of Ovid, women’s writings, and feminist literary theories. My doctoral project studies the representation of Ovidian myths that engage with the idea of metamorphic fluidity of human gender, sex, and sexuality in Ovide Moralisé, the fourteenth-century Old French translation of Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and its medieval Latin companion, Ovidius Moralizatus. My DPhil project is funded by the Japanese government, Keio University Global Fellowship, and the British Council.

Apart from my research on medieval literature, I am also interested in and widely published in the area of feminist film theory, and my most recent publication includes the translation of Laura Mulvey’s ‘Film, Feminism, and the Avant-Garde’ (1979).


Publication (peer-reviewed)

Forthcoming (2025): ‘Recontextualising Christine de Pizan’s Myths of Iphis, Tiresias, and Hermaphroditus’, Gender Studies, 27

Forthcoming (2024): ‘Embroidering “Hir Word”: The Assembly of Ladies, Christine de Pizan, and the Medieval Écriture Féminine’, Medieval Feminist Forum, 59.2 - Winner of the 2022 Debbie White Gender and Medieval Studies Essay Prize

Forthcoming (2024): ‘Antifeminism and Courtly Female Worship’, chapter in Medieval European Culture: An Encyclopaedia, ed. Japan Society for Medieval European Studies (Maruzen, 2024)

Invited talks

‘Conceptualising Medieval Trans Authorship: Christine de Pizan’s Myths of Iphis, Tiresias, and Hermaphroditus’, Tokai Foundation For Gender Studies Annual Symposium (Tokyo, Japan), July 2024

‘Ovid’s Heroides in MS 383 and Heloise as an Ovidian Reader’, Dervorguilla Lecture (Balliol College, University of Oxford), March 2024

Conference presentations

‘Elisabeth of Spalbeek in an Anchorhold: Performance, Friendship, and Community-Building’, International Anchoritic Society Conference (Boston, US), September 2024

‘Ovid and Medieval Techno-Orientalism: The Case of Heroidean Canace in Chaucer’s “Squire’s Tale”’, 59th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, US), May 2024

Fetes de moi, feme, vallet: Interpreting Sexual Metamorphoses in Ovide Moralisé and Ovidius Moralizatus’, Ceræ Inaugural Conference, (University of Western Australia, Australia), April 2024

‘How to be Both: Christine de Pizan’s Interrogation of Ovidian Authorship in La Cité des Dames and La Mutacion de Fortune’, 58th International Congress on Medieval Studies (Kalamazoo, US), May 2023

Translatio Corporum?: Metamorphosing Sex in Ovide Moralisé, Ovidius Moralizatus, and Their Afterlives’, Medieval English Graduate Seminar (Keio University, Japan), March 2023

‘“To Telle Hir Worde”: The Influence of Christine de Pizan in The Assembly of Ladies’, 38th Congress of the Japan Society for Medieval English Studies (Tokyo, Japan), December 2022 - Winner of the Conference Prize (Best paper)