Ben Bollig

MA, BA (Notts), MA, PhD (London)
Professor of Spanish American Literature. Fellow and Tutor in Spanish at St Catherine's. Associate Lecturer at St John's.


I work on contemporary literature and film in Latin America, with a particular focus on Argentine poetry. I am recently published a book on the cinematic adaptation of poetry in Argentina, entitled Moving Verses, as well as a volume of translations of Cristian Aliaga’s travel prose poetry, Music for Unknown Journeys. I have also recently published articles on crime fiction in Latin America. I am an editor of Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies. I co-edited Latin American Cultural Studies: A Reader (Routledge, 2017, pbk 2019)


Across the whole of the Prelims (first-year) Spanish course and Latin American options for FHS (second and final year), including literature and film.

Graduate Supervision

I am currently supervising MPhil and DPhil students working on aspects of Latin American and particularly Southern Cone literature and cultural studies. I would welcome potential graduate students wishing to study modern Latin American literature, culture or film.

Selected Publications

Moving Verses: Poetry on Screen in Contemporary Argentine Cinema (Liverpool, 2021)

Music for Unknown Journeys, poems by Cristian Aliaga, edited, translated and with an introduction by Ben Bollig (Liverpool, 2021)

“Fantastical plausibility,” review of El marginal (Netflix), TLS (13 Sep 2019)

Springtime in a Broken Mirror, Mario Benedetti,” TLS (22 Mar 2019)


“Unreasonable Doubt: Politics and Aesthetics in the Crime Novels of Horacio Vázquez Rial,” Radical Americas Journal 3.1 (2018)   


“Contemporary Poetry,” Chapter 5 in Stephen Hart (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Latin American Poetry. Cambridge University Press, 2018


“The Poet as Screenwriter: Landscape and Protagonism in Papu Curotto’s Esteros,” New Cinemas 15.2 (2017)


“Theories of Money in Argentine Crime Fiction,” Bulletin of Spanish Studies 94.3 (2017)


Politics and Public Space in Contemporary Argentine Poetry. The Lyric and the State (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

“Argentine Poetry Today: New Writing, New Readings,” special edition of Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (93.6, 2016), edited with Jordana Blejmar.

The Foreign Passion, Cristian Aliaga, ed. and trans. Ben Bollig (London: Influx, 2016).

Antropófagos en las islas. Novísimos poetas de Gran Bretaña, ed. and trans. with Alejandra Crosta, with a foreword by Cristian Aliaga (Chubut, Arg.: Espacio Hudson, 2016).  

Studies in Spanish and Latin American Cinemas, 11.2 (2014), special edition dedicated to filmic adaptation of poetry in Latin America, edited and introduction with David M.J. Wood.

Activismo poético. Ensayos sobre la poesía argentina contemporánea. (Chubut, Arg.: Espacio Hudson, April 2013)

Modern Argentine Poetry. Displacement, Exile and Migration (University of Wales Press, 2011)

Resistance and Emancipation: Cultural and Poetic Practices, ed. with Arturo Casas (Oxford/Bern: Peter Lang, 2011)

Néstor Perlongher. The Poetic Search for an Argentine Marginal Voice, (University of Wales Press, 2008)

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