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Emanuela Tandello, M.A., D.Phil.

Emeritus Professor
University Lecturer in Italian, Student of Christ Church


E. Tandello's research interests include Contemporary Italian poetry (in particular the poetry of Amelia Rosselli), Modernist drama (Pirandello), 20th century poetry in dialect; Leopardi.


Italian language and literature (especially 19th and 20th century: courses on Leopardi, Montale, Pirandello, Svevo, Sciascia, Introduction to the Modern Period, modern Italian poetry, Elsa Morante, Annamaria Ortese, Dario Fo


Editor, with Giorgio Devoto, Amelia Rosselli, special issue of the journal 'Trasparenze' (San Marco dei Giustiniani, 2003)

With editors: V.R.Jones and A.L.Lepschy, 'Tradition and innovation in the 1880s: Annie Vivanti and Contessa Lara', in: With a Pen in her hand: Women and Writing in Italy in the Nineteenth Century and Beyond (Society for Italian Studies, 2000), 76-91

With editors: P. Shaw and J.Took, 'Giacomo Noventa, Heine and the language of Poetry', in: Reflexivity: Critical Themes in the Italian Cultural Tradition (Longo, 2000), 63-81

With editor: Stefano Giovannuzzi, 'Amelia Rosselli o la geometria della passione', in: Amelia Rosselli. Un'apolide alla ricerca del linguaggio universale. Quaderni del Circolo Rosselli no. 17 (Giunti, 1999), 7-18