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Academic background

Frances Clemente holds a double degree in Humanities and Italian Studies at the University of Pisa and a MSt in Modern Languages (Italian) at the University of Oxford, which was fully funded by the Modern Languages and Pembroke College Full Scholarship. She was visiting student at the Sorbonne University (Paris-IV), Warwick University, and Columbia University.



Her research on Italian cultural and literary production (c. 1790-c. 1920) is focussed upon the notions of alterity and otherness, and how they relate to normative patterns of thinking and behaving. She draws on methodologies taken from cultural and literary history, psychoanalysis, Foucauldian, feminist and queer criticism.

Her research interests include Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Italian Culture and Literature, Comparative Literature, Gender and Queer Studies, Literature and Science, Leopardi Studies, Neapolitan Culture.

Her doctoral dissertation, fully funded by the Open-Oxford-Cambridge AHRC DTP Studentship, the Baillie Gifford Scholarship, and the Clarendon Fund Scholarship, deals with the investigation of the notion of ecstasy in Italian culture and literature between 1861 and 1915, looking at phenomena such as mystical raptures, magnetic ecstasies, mediumistic trances, hysterical extases, hypnotic trances, orgasms, and the way they are represented by authors like Antonio Fogazzaro, Luigi Capuana, Matilde Serao, Gabriele D'Annunzio.



-Italian Paper VIII, 'Literature in the Ottocento', Year II-IV 

-Italian Language Skills A-B-C, Year II  

-Italian Prose A-B (Translation into Italian), Year II       

-Italian Finalists Oral E, Year IV

-Italian Pre-sessional course, Pre-Year I



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