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I am a second-year D.Phil. candidate working on 15th- and 16th-century French literature, culture, and history. In 2024-25, I will be a Visiting Student in the Department of History at Princeton University, funded by the Daniel M. Sachs Class of 1960 Graduating Scholarship

My doctoral thesis, funded by the Besse Scholarship, is entitled ‘Anthology Fever in Late Medieval and Renaissance France: Collecting, Selecting, Arranging’. In it, I set out to better understand the craft of anthology-making by looking closely at the history of one country––France––over the course of three remarkable decades, roughly 1500 to 1530. This under-studied period, situated at a juncture between the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, saw an explosion in the production of poetry anthologies. These volumes appeared under various names: jardins, fleurs, recueils, œuvres. Through in-depth case studies of individual manuscripts and early printed books, I argue that anthologies have significant implications for our understandings of national identity, literary history, and canon formation. Authors in my corpus include more canonical ones such as Jean Molinet and Jean Lemaire de Belges, lesser-known poets like Guillaume Cretin, as well as numerous anonymous or unidentified ‘others’.

Alongside my doctoral work, I am currently Research Assistant on the John Fell-funded project ‘Mapping Literary Ecosystems: (re)positioning and contextualising the Chastelaine de Vergi’ (2023–25), co-led by Prof. Sophie Marnette and Prof. Helen Swift.

I am strongly committed to dismantling the barriers and inequities that block access to higher education. Before coming to Oxford as a first-generation student, I was educated at state comprehensive schools in Barnsley and Rotherham, South Yorkshire. I regularly deliver academic taster sessions and talks for students from non-selective state schools and colleges.

Research interests
  • 15th- and 16th-century French literature, culture, and history
  • Anthologies and mise en recueil
  • Manuscript materiality and early print culture
  • Community-engaged scholarship and histories of pedagogy
  • Modern French thought, especially Michel Foucault and Jean-Luc Nancy
  • Eco-theory and the ‘nonhuman turn’
  • FHS Paper XII: New Ecologies: Plants, Stones, Robots
  • English to French Translation
  • French to English Translation
  • French Sole Prelims: Introduction to Literary Theory
  • French Prelims: Narrative Fiction
Peer-reviewed publications

'Bodies, Temporalities and Archives: Literary and Filmic Production after the 2010 Haitian Earthquake'French Studies Bulletin, 44.166 (2023), 1–11. Winner of the Society for French Studies R. Gapper Undergraduate Essay Prize 2021/22.

'Cretin imprimé: le recueil des Traictez singuliers de Galliot Du Pré (1526)', Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales et Humanistes, special issue: 'Inclassable Cretin' (forthcoming 2024).

Book review for French Studies: Fleurs et jardins de poésie. Les anthologies poétiques au XVIe siècle (domaine français, incursions européennes), ed. by Adeline Lionetto et Jean-Charles Monferran (Paris: Garnier, 2021).

Selected conference papers

'"Qu'on luy retient une demye année": Wage Cuts, Strike Action, and the Politics of Precarity in Late-Medieval Francophone Poetry', part of the panel Premodern Precarities, Society for French Studies 65th Annual Conference, University of Stirling, July 2024.

Invited lecture (2 hours): 'Les Réseaux coloniaux et maritimes dans l'œuvre de Jean Parmentier (1494-1529)' ('Colonial and Maritime Networks in the Work of Jean Parmentier (1494-1529)'), part of the research network Pensée et pratique poétique du réseau à la Renaissance (1500-1550), dir. Élise Rajchenbach, Université de Lyon / Université Jean Monnet Saint-Étienne, May 2024.

'"Querez la paix": Teaching (and Teasing) Readers in an Anthology of Rhétoriqueur Poetry', part of the panel French as a Language of Instruction in the Middle Ages, Society for French Studies 64th Annual Conference, Newcastle University, June 2023.

'Anthological Identities: Naming Names in the Robertet Manuscripts', Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference, University of Oxford, April 2023.

'Cosmetic Surgery? Gathering the Works of Jean Molinet (1531)', European Society for Textual Scholarship 18th Annual Conference, University of Kent, April 2023.