Prof. Jennifer Yee

Jennifer Yee, B.A. (Sydney), D.E.A., Ph.D. (Paris)
Professor of Literature in French


My research interests include Balzac, Flaubert, Baudelaire, Zola, colonial and ‘exotic’ writing, Proust, art history, and twentieth-century francophone writing. My most recent book, The Colonial Comedy: Imperialism in the French Realist Novel, was published with Oxford University Press in June 2016. See book reviews by Susan Hiner, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 45: 3-4 (2017) and Robert Lethbridge, Journal of European Studies, 47: 2 (June 2017).


French language and literature, especially nineteenth-century literature.

Graduate Teaching

I teach for the MSt Special Subjects on Nineteenth-Century Prose and Francophone Literature. I have supervised/am supervising D.Phil theses on nineteenth-century women travellers in the ‘Orient’, Proust and Awkwardness, Proust and Other People’s Minds, Literary Vocation in Proust and Dante, Decadence and French ‘Indochina’, and writing and etching in the work of the Goncourt brothers. I am willing to consider DPhil supervision on many areas of nineteenth-century literature, some areas of twentieth-century literature, and some areas linking literature and art.


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