Prof. Jennifer Yee

Jennifer Yee, D.E.A., Ph.D. (Paris)
Professor of Literature in French


My research interests include Balzac, Flaubert, Baudelaire, Zola, colonial and ‘exotic’ writing, Proust, art history, and twentieth-century francophone writing. My most recent book, The Colonial Comedy: Imperialism in the French Realist Novel, was published with Oxford University Press in June 2016. See book reviews by Susan Hiner, Nineteenth-Century French Studies, 45: 3-4 (2017) and Robert Lethbridge, Journal of European Studies, 47: 2 (June 2017).


French language and literature, especially nineteenth-century literature.

Graduate Teaching

I teach for the MSt Special Subjects on Nineteenth-Century Prose and Francophone Literature. I have supervised/am supervising D.Phil theses on nineteenth-century women travellers in the ‘Orient’, Proust and Awkwardness, Literary Vocation in Proust and Dante, Decadence and French ‘Indochina’, and writing and etching in the work of the Goncourt brothers. I am willing to consider DPhil supervision on many areas of nineteenth-century literature, some areas of twentieth-century literature, and some areas linking literature and art.


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