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Kerstin Hoge, M.Phil., D.Phil. (M.A., M.L.S. Ohio State)
University Lecturer (NTF) in German Linguistics, Fellow of St Hilda's College


Kerstin Hoge's research interests are in the field of German and Yiddish linguistics, with particular focus on syntactic theory and the study of wh-movement and small-clause constructions. Further ongoing research interests are Yiddish children's writing and the question as to how language is used in the construction of social and personal identity. She is the review editor of the Journal of Linguistics.


German linguistics (Paper V/ii): Descriptive Analysis of Contemporary German). She also tutors for Prelims Linguistics (Paper VIII: General Linguistics) and FHS Linguistics (Paper XIII: Linguistic Theory).

Graduate Teaching

see Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics,


'For children and adults alike: Reading Bergelson’s ‘children’s stories’ (1914-1919) as narratives of identity formation', in David Bergelson: From modernism to socialist realism, ed. Joseph Sherman & Gennady Estraikh (Oxford: Legenda, 2007), 113-128

'Don’t mention the language war! Helene Khatskels’s Palestinian travelogues in the Yiddish children’s journal Grininke beymelekh', Slavic Almanac, 13 (2007), 60-83

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