E K Skordyles

BA (Greece) MPhil (Paris)
University Instructor in Modern Greek & Lecturer at St Peter’s College
OULS Subject Consultant for Modern Greek Studies
Editor of Modern Greek Studies Online


Research interests: Translation Theory, especially translation and ideology, and translation and ludic language; Modern Greek History, especially nation building and minorities in Mod. Greece.


Modern Greek Language (all levels); History of Modern Greece; Translation into and from Greek; Translation principles and strategies, Advanced Translation Theory and Practice


with L. Giannakopoulou (eds), Culture and Society in Crete: from Kornaros to Kazantzakis , Cambridge Scholars (2017)

‘Réactions juives à l’annexion de Salonique par la Grèce (1912-1913)’, in The Jewish Communities of SE Europe from the 15th Century to the End of World War II, ed. I. Hassiotis (Thessaloniki: Institute for Balkan Studies, 1997), 501-516

‘The Jewish Question during the Balkan Wars. The case of Salonika [in Greek]’, Histor, 9 (1996), 129-150

Translator, Johanna Webber, Faces of the Resistance (Athens, 1996)

‘Minorities and propaganda in northern Greece; a report by Th. Fessopoulos’ [in Greek], Histor, 7 (1994), 43-91

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