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Lingchen Huang is a DPhil student in Medieval and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford. She has an MSt in modern languages (Portuguese) from Oxford (2020), and an undergraduate degree from Beijing Foreign Studies University (2019). Her DPhil project focuses on modern Brazilian literature, affect theory and literary modernism and she is currently working on the nonhuman phenomena in Clarice Lispector’s writing, with an emphasis on the early novels. Her other research interests include contemporary Lusophone African literature, postcolonial studies, gender and sexuality, and psychoanalysis.



‘Between Self and History: Trauma and Illusion of the Other in O Tibete de África by Margarida Paredes’, in Portuguese Studies vol. 38 no. 1 (2022), 95-111.

‘Boredom, Illness and Aberrance: The Posture of Lying Down in “Devaneio e embriaguez duma rapariga” and “O Delírio”’, in Revista Escrita (PUC-Rio) vol. 28 (2020), 51-75.

with Xinyi Jin, ‘Vergonha, corpo e narrativa: uma leitura de “Obsessão” de Clarice Lispector à luz da Teoria do Afeto’, in Orientes do Português (MPU & UPorto) vol.2 (2020), 31-41.



Graduate Lecture Series: O Lustre (The Chandelier): The Affective Dimension and Nonhuman Phenomena in Clarice Lispector's Writing (HT23)

Paper XI: Brazilian Texts (MT23)