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My DPhil research explores the relationship between Marcel Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu and the breaking down of the distinction between the self and world in the work of Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy, and Catherine Malabou. Addressing questions of identity formation and destruction, I hope to show that these thinkers call into question our traditional understanding of subjectivity through contemporary materialist approaches that can be illuminated by, and in turn shed new light on Proust’s great masterpiece.

I previously completed my undergraduate degree in French literature and language (2013-2017) and my M.St. in French literature, philosophy, and critical theory (2017-2018) at Magdalen College, Oxford. My wider interests lie in twentieth-century French thought and literature. I have taught the first-year undergraduate French Thought course, alongside Marcel Proust seminars for the Final Honours Special Subject option. 

The Bodleian Library publication Thinking 3D (ed. Daryl Green & Laura Moretti, 2019) includes my translation of an article from French-English, and I also translated further posts that can be found on the project’s corresponding website.