Pany Xenophontos


My thesis centres on visuality and the visual arts in the works of Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996). I focus predominantly on Brodsky’s interactions with the cinema and photography as well as his use of postcards. Using extensive archival research, I show the series of personal and biographical circumstances that result in his metaphors and poetic imagery related to the visual arts.

In addition to my work and research in 19th- and 20th-century Russian literature, I am also interested in Modern Greek literature, especially the poetry of Constantine Cavafy and George Seferis; I have delivered several papers on the work of both writers. 

I received my BA (French and Russian) and MSt (Russian) from the University of Oxford.  My Masters dissertation was on Ruben Gallego (winner of the Russian Booker Prize in 2003) and institutionalisation in 20th-century Russian literature. 

Teaching and lectures

  • Russian and European Modernism in poetry and prose
  • 19th- and 20th-century Russian poetry and prose
  • Dostoevsky


I am an organising member of a collaborative, multi-year project between the University of Oxford and the University of Genoa which looks at the relationship between literature and film. Our first international conference on this topic took place in September 2019 in Genoa, Italy. 

Additionally, I am a founding member and co-convenor of two seminars at the University of Oxford: the Digital Humanities Graduate Research Group and the Russian and Slavonic Graduate Discussion Group.

Conferences and talks

‘The inexhaustible works of Constantine Cavafy,’ December 2019, London (University of Cyprus lecture series)

I have delivered various papers on Russian literature at conferences in the UK (BASEES, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford), Greece (Onassis Foundation, Athens) and Spain (Memory Studies Association conference 2019, Madrid).

Awards and grants

  • Carnegie Foundation award (2019)
  • Onassis Foundation fellow (2019)
  • MIIS fellowship (2018)
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