Prof R W Fiddian

Robin Fiddian, M.A. (M.A., Ph.D. Edinburgh)
Professor of Spanish, Fellow of Wadham College


Robin Fiddian’s interests lie in Spanish literature from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, Spanish film, and twentieth-century Spanish American literature.


‘Latin America and Beyond: Transcontinental Dialogue in the the Work of Leopoldo Zea’, Interventions, V, 1 (Spring 2003), 113-24

‘Legend, fantasy and the birth of the new in Los funerales de la mama grande’, in: Companion to Magical Realism, ed. S. Hart (Tamesis: London, forthcoming)

‘From Film to Book: Garcia Marquez and the Neo-Realist Aesthetic’, in: George Cabello-Castellet, et. al, Cine-Lit V: Essays on Hispanic Film and Fiction (Cine-Lit Publications, 2004), 7-13

‘Open Bracket, Close Bracket: Parenthetical Statement in a Selection of Poems by Borges’, Hispanic Review, 71 (2003), 171-88

‘Under Spanish Eyes: Late 19-century postcolonial views of Spanish American Literature’, MLR, 92 (2002), 83-93

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