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Sarah Ekdawi, B.A. (Lon), AKC, AIL [French], Dip. TEFL, Dip. Voc. Tech. (Kent)
D.Phil (Oxon), M.Phil. [Applied Linguistics](Dub), Ph.D. [hon.c.] (MCU, Thailand)
Faculty Research Fellow
Reviews Editor, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies

Assistant Director of Studies, Oxford School of English


Sarah Ekdawi's research interests range from classical to contemporary Greek poetry. She has a strong interest in formal aspects of versification, especially metrics, and text linguistics in general. She is the Reviews Editor of 'Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies' (the leading UK journal in this field). She is research active and a regular participant in international conferences and is also a qualified technical translator and practising literary translator. In May 2019, she was awarded an honorary doctorate in English Teaching by MCU Thailand, where she is also a visiting professor.


Modern Greek Literature since 1453, Translation (Greek-English, French-English), Commentary Writing, Academic Writing, Creative Writing.

Selected Publications

"Definitive Voices of the Loved Dead: Cavafy in English", Journal of Modern Greek Studies, vol. 30, no. 1, May 2012

'Five Imitations of Jenny Mastoraki', Metaphrastes, 1 (2004),

'The Passions File: Cavafy's Private Collection', The Modern Greek Studies Yearbook, 16-17 (2004),

With Anthony Hirst, 'Hidden Things: Cavafy's Thematic Catalogues', Modern Greek Studies Australia and New Zealand, 4 (1996),

'The Noises Made by Poems', TEANGA Irish Journal of Applied Linguistics, 16 (1996),

'The Last Poems of Yannis Ritsos', Mantatophoros, 37-38 (1995),

With Elli Philokyprou, 'Structures of Desire in the Cypriot Sonnets', Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 18 (1994),

'The Erotic Poems of C.P. Cavafy', Cambridge Papers in Modern Greek, 1 (1993),

With Pat Fann and Elli Philokyprou, 'Bold Men, Fair Maids and Affronts to their Sex:the Structural Roles of Men and Women in Digenis Akritis', Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, 17 (1993),

'The Shade of Mavilis [in Greek]', Akti, 11 (1992),

'The Matter of Metre: Form Meets Content in the Poetry of Anghelos Sikelianos', Molyvdokondylopelekitis, 2 (1990),