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Welcome to the alumni pages of the Faculty website! The information presented here is aimed at our graduates, encouraging you to keep in touch, to learn about current research in the field of Medieval and Modern Languages, and to attend events taking place at the Faculty and the University.

We are very grateful to our alumni for the enthusiastic help with the Fundraising projects of the Faculty. Thanks to you, Schools Liaison and pre-sessional courses — two Outreach initiatives aimed at prospective students — have been a great success. Now we are campaigning for the new Living Languages Fund, established to support current and future MML scholars when they need it most. You can read about that and other projects below.

If there is anything you wish to contact us about, please, do so. The Faculty Office ( are happy to answer any general queries, and the Editor ( will be glad to hear from you in regards to our publications. There is also a very active Twitter channel where you can follow our news as they happen and engage in conversation:


@OxfordModLangs: News, updates and live interaction with our researchers, students, and projects.


The Oxford Polyglot

Here to inform our alumni of the most recent developments at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, The Oxford Polyglot is a digital newsletter published three times a year: at the end of each term. Click here to read the latest issue, and, if you want to be the first to receive the next publication, click here to subscribe.

The Oxford Polyglot has already featured a wide range of research: from epitaph fictions in late-medieval France (Prof. Helen Swift) to the virtual reality of Romantic objects (Prof. Catriona Seth) and the friendships of the great German poet Goethe (Prof. Ritchie Robertson), from a review of the acclaimed Argentinian film Zama (Prof. Ben Bollig) to a study of the heritage of Angolan women writers (Prof. Phillip Rothwell). We are looking forward to presenting more excellent work — produced across the Sub-Faculties and languages — in future issues.


Alumni Events

At the Faculty: The events at the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages are numerous and varied, ranging from workshops and conferences to lectures, readings, and meetings with researchers, authors, and film-makers. Many of our events are open to the wider public, while still retaining the specialist nature of advanced studies; they are often in the languages taught in the Faculty and present a unique opportunity to discuss cultural, literary, and social works in their native vocabulary.

If you happen to be in Oxford at any time, make sure to check our Events Calendar and join us on an occasion of your choice. And if you are not sure where to start, the annual Taylor Lecture is always a good place.

At the University: There are also events organised by the University Alumni Office, specifically with University graduates in mind. The largest and, perhaps, the most exciting of those events is the Alumni Weekend, this year happening on 14-16th of September. Further details and the full programme can be seen here. (Faculty alumni should take special note of 'The doorway to wisdom: the intersection of language and education' talk by Prof. Jo-Anne Baird and Prof. Victoria Murphy, taking place on Saturday, September 15th.)


Fundraising Projects

The study of languages has never been more relevant in an era of global communication where fluency and dexterity in at least one foreign language is an invaluable skill. At the same time, a deep and nuanced understanding of cultural imagination, intellectual history, beliefs and attitudes — what people think and how they think — is found in careful study of literature, thought, and linguistics.

Philanthropic support plays a vital role in helping the Faculty retain its position as a centre of excellence for the study of language, literature, and culture. Gifts from our donors help us provide resources for language teaching, support for academic programmes, and graduate scholarships and travel bursaries for students. We are very grateful for support at all levels, from small standing orders to larger one-off gifts.

Currently, there are four major Fundraising strands:

  • The Living Languages Fund: The Fund exists to support current and future MML scholars across the University when they need it most. Our bridging pre-sessional courses and Year Abroad funding are among the assisted projects.
  • General Support: Support for Faculty priorities, including resources, academic programmes, and student scholarships.
  • French at Oxford: The Oxford French department is the largest outside France. We welcome donations in particular to support Student Scholarships and the endowment of the Marshal Foch Chair.
  • The Oxford German Network: Donations to the Oxford German Network contribute to funding a wide range of initiatives, including workshops, after-school clubs, prizes for national competitions and related events.

If you wish to learn more about the initiatives and how to support them, please, follow this link.


Get in Touch

If you have feedback on any of our projects, a story to share, or photographs taken back in the day, we would love to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact the Editor at