Study Day: The World of the French Novel, 1800-1820

18 June 2018
Monday 18 June 2018. 10:00 - 17:30
Maison Française d’Oxford
£10 (lunch included)

On Monday, June 18th 2018, together with Maison Française d’Oxford, we present an international study day themed Le Monde du roman français, 1800-1820 / The World of the French Novel, 1800-1820. This conference is co-organised by Dr Chanel de Halleux, Dr Jonathan Hensher, and Professor Catriona Seth of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, Oxford.

This one-day event brings together international scholars working on the French novel in the still relatively little-explored post-revolutionary period.  The subjects are diverse and include the works of particular authors of the period (Mme de Genlis, Pigault-Lebrun, or Germaine de Staël — to name a few) as well as over-reaching themes, such as the Romantic, the Gothic, and the Feminine.

A range of themes and approaches focussing on the key areas of ‘forms’ (narrative features, experimentation, public and critical reactions), ‘identities and identification’ (national identity, gender, public and private identities), and ‘actors and processes’ (translation vs. adaptation, authors and the book trade) will be discussed in a series of papers delivered in French and English. This will be a lively and welcoming forum for students and researchers at all levels working on the literature of this period.

The participation fee is £10, which includes lunch, and two tea and coffee breaks. To find out more about the arrangements and to book your place, please, follow this link.

For more information about the programme and speakers, please, see the document attached below.

Download the seminar programme (.pdf).

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