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Free (booking required)

We are pleased to announce that Professor Jonathan Thacker will be giving his Inaugural Lecture as the King Alfonso XIII Professor of Spanish Studies on October 16th, 2018 (Tuesday of 2nd Week, Michaelmas Term 2018). The title of his lecture will be 'The World as Stage in Spain’s Golden Age'.

This event is taking place in the Main Hall of the Taylor Institution. All are welcome to attend, and booking via Eventbrite will open on September 18th, 2018 .

About the Topic

The great writers and artists of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in Spain – the Golden Age – are admired in part for their explorations of the boundary between reality and fiction, the world and artistic representations of it. Cervantes’s experiments in the novel and Velázquez’s in his paintings helped to question notions of truth, identity, authority, and the place of the human in a re-imagined world. The dramatists of this period are not usually viewed in quite the same light despite, or perhaps because of, the enormous popularity of Golden Age theatre. What was the nature of their contribution to early modern culture in Spain? How did they reflect the uncertainty and complexity of the period?

To learn the answers to these and other questions, join us in the Main Hall of of the Taylor Institution from 5 o'clock.

Professor Thacker’s main research interests are in the Spanish Golden Age. He has written on the prose and drama of Miguel de Cervantes and on various aspects of Golden-Age drama, including its metatheatrical elements, its translation and performance, and its ideological content.

Booking for this event is now open via Eventbrite.