Translation Studies: Kate Wakeling Translates Katja Lehmann Translates Kate Wakeling

26 February 2019
Tuesday 26 February 2019, 18:00
The Barn Gallery, St John's College, St Giles

Poet and photographer Katja Lehmann will be joined by poet and musicologist Kate Wakeling as they explore how ideas are expressed and understood through different mediums. As Katja describes on her website:

What is the overlap between what we say, write, visualize, sing and what our communication partners make of it? Are we all equally good or bad translators, or are some of us better at it than others? We normally only find out how well we have translated, when we get entangled in misunderstandings that are big enough to need sorting. The poet Kate Wakeling and I are setting out to research the subject. Kate has picked photos from my photo series ‘Road Show’ — I don’t know which ones — to ‘translate’ them into poems. She will then pass the poems back to me, to translate into new poems. We will see if we can match the translations to the starting points (perhaps with your help), and Kate will do a reading of the poems resulting from this first round of translations. The project will continue thereafter, and we will be joined by the choreographer Fiona Millward and the composer Catherine Carter to create the next translation chain at some point in 2019.

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